Why you might want to use a Microsoft Team

  • Sick students cannot come to class, and you want them to join virtually (live)
  • To provide students with your class recording for overall review
  • Create direct links (called chapters) to the parts of your videos that cover difficult concepts
  • Conversion of in-person class to a virtual one due to Covid resurgence

Although it is possible to simply create a calendar meeting in teams for your students to attend, it is a better option to create a Team that includes all the students in the class. This class Team will allow your students to chat, share documents and participate in video meetings.

It is a good idea to set up one video meeting that repeats instead of creating a new meeting for each class. This recurring video meeting can be used to meet virtually with students and record lectures.

Providing a link to a Team allows students to request access and become members of the team.

Video meetings can be recorded so students who missed class can view the material covered.

All students who are a member of a Team have access to the recorded videos of the Team.

Instructors can share the entire screen or individual windows.

If you are sharing a YouTube video, you need to turn on computer sound so students can hear it.

Loading a presentation into the Teams viewer is typically the best way to show a presentation

Breakout rooms are the best option to facilitate short in class discussions.

Adding chapters to long videos makes it easy for students to find information.