Microsoft Teams Tutorials

Video only meeting

If you want a video only meeting you can create a meeting in your Microsoft Teams calendar (inviting at least one other person to make it a video meeting) and then add a link to it in Moodle (ACORN). This is a good option if ALL you are going to do is a video meeting and you are not recording it, using text chat, sub-channels or other Teams features.

Microsoft Teams team (full functionality)

If you want to more than just a video meeting you will need to set up your team and admit the students into it. You can provide a way for students to request access to the team by adding the link to it in Moodle (ACORN). This is a good option if you want to utilize all the power of Teams including ongoing text chat, recording the session, editing files, using subchannels and many other features.

This Word document provides step-by-step instructions on how to implement these 2 options.

Note: Your Moodle course must be set to visible to students for them to see the course, instructions can be found at Making A Course Visible - Acorn Help.


You may find Microsoft Teams useful for dealing with the disruption of our face-to-face classes. It is available to all of Acadia's faculty and students and can be used either on the web or through the Teams app.

Reasons to consider using Microsoft Teams:

  • Delivering real-time audio lectures to classes
  • Recording real-time audio lectures and uploading this recording to ACORN for students who are unable to attend real-time lectures
  • Having office hours with students virtually (works well in coordination with the ACORN Scheduler activity)
  • Facilitating classroom discussions, either via text (chat) or audio
  • Having small-group discussions in the Team using "Channels"
  • Conducting Q & A with students about course materials
  • Having students give presentations (audio or video)

Here are some useful resources, tutorials and things to consider when getting started with Teams:

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